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How we typically advise and consult with transformative organizations:

  • A health-tech startup needs help connecting with the chief medical officers of major health plans so they can rapidly learn and accelerate customer and product development.

  • A State Medicaid Director needs help engaging consumers in the co-design of a community engagement or block grant policy so the Director can balance the pressures from the state legislature with the best interests of the beneficiaries.

  • A consulting firm needs to differentiate itself from other firms by having subject matter experts to consult on emerging innovations like value-based payment in pharma, primary care redesign, and reimbursement for social determinants of health.

  • A venture capital firm needs help with due diligence of a new company’s opportunities and threats to growth in a highly complex and regulated healthcare environment.

  • A private equity firm needs help flipping a founder-led healthcare services company and scaling it profitably to other states.

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